Web Coding Tutorials

This website is all about making learning easy to build web applications. It has coding tutorials for everyone, starting from the basics and going to advanced topics. The best part is that these tutorials include professional references, making them reliable. You can find lots of tutorials on this website, and they come with examples and code that are easy to understand. Plus, they keep adding new tutorials written by a Software Engineer to keep things up to date.

Frontend Web development Languages

Frontend web development languages focus on creating the user interface and client-side functionality of websites. These languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, work together to define the structure, style, and behavior of web pages, ensuring a seamless and interactive user experience.


HTML is used to structure of websites


CSS is use to style an HTML document.


JavaScript is to make a dynamic user interface (UI)

React Js

React.js is used to buil dynamic user interfaces


jQuery is a JavaScript library

Backend Web development languages

Backend web development languages are responsible for handling server-side logic and database management, powering the behind-the-scenes functionality of websites and web applications. These languages are used for backend development, facilitating data processing, user authentication, and content management, among other tasks, to deliver dynamic and scalable web solutions.


PHP is used to develop dynamic web applications

Node Js

Node.js is a runtime environment for running JavaScript on servers


AJAX is used for runs refreshing the entire page

Programming languages

Programming languages are the tools used by developers to communicate with computers and create software. They consist of sets of instructions that tell computers what to do, allowing developers to write code to solve problems, build applications, and automate tasks


Python is used for web development, data analysis, AI, and more.


Java is used for software, web and mobile app development.

Database languages

Database languages are specialized programming languages used to communicate with databases. They enable users to perform tasks such as storing, retrieving, updating, and managing data within a database system


SQL is used for managing and interacting with relational databases