How to Fetch Data From Database Using Ajax

This tutorial is helpful to fetch data from the database using ajax in PHP. Here you will learn it with a basic example. If you create ajax based project and you also want to developed everything without reloading the page then this example is best for you. Once you read this complete tutorial, you will be able to quickly display other different & complex data. Fetch Data From Database using ajax in PHP I have shared this tutorial with a basic example. This example will display some data like full name, email address, city & country on clicking a button. … Continue reading

How to Create Dependent Dropdown using Ajax, PHP

The dependent dropdown using ajax is the most popular feature of Web development. It can automatically display dependent values in the dropdown. when the user selects one value of the first dropdown options. The next dropdown will be filled with dependent values automatically. The Dependent values will be fetched dynamically from the database table using ajax, PHP & MYSQL. Even the page will not refresh. So, It makes the project user-friendly & attractive. In this tutorial, I have provided an example of three dependent dropdowns like Country, State & City. Once you learn it with the given script, you will … Continue reading

How to Delete Data From Database Using Ajax in PHP

This tutorial learn you How to delete data from the database using Ajax in PHP. I have shared the best ajax jQuery script with an example. It will help you to delete the record without page refresh As you know that Ajax executes the Backend code in the background. In this tutorial, Ajax will quickly execute PHP Script. Therefore, When you click the delete button, data will be deleted from the MySQL database based on its id. Finally, you can delete the existing record without page loading. Before learning it, You should a good understanding of ajax, PHP & MySQL. … Continue reading