How to Learn Web Development Step by Step

Do you want to Know How to Learn Web Development Step by step? if yes, then you are at the website. Here, you will be guided in a proper way. So that you would quickly build dynamic web applications.

Those working in the web development field are called web developers who can create dynamic web sites. If you are a beginner student and want to go to the web development field, then It will prove to be better for your career. Even you will get a chance to work in a good software company where you can grow professionally and financially.

learn web development step by step

What is Web Development?

Web development is the process of building a web application using backend programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, bootstrap, PHP, .Net, Ruby on Rails & more.

Web Development is divided into two parts

1. Front-end Web Development –

In this case, We have to develop page layout, structure & different design patterns on the front-end side.

2. Backend-end Web development –

In this case, We have to develop different & dynamic functionalities at the backend-side.
On the user request, you can –

  • connect Website to database
  • Insert data into the database
  • Fetch data from the database Display data on the web page
  • Update data of the database
  • Delete data from the database

Nowadays, Web applications are more necessary for providing services & pieces of information, buying & selling products. Because Everyone searches the best website on the internet for relevant results. If your website is developed with a user-friendly interface and good performance of functionalities, then most of the user will like your website and visit again and again. So, Everyone wants to run his/her web applications for growing the business.

Now this question arises that How to develop a webs application and Who develops it. So, You should know that A web application is developed using Web development and There is a Web developer who develops it.

12 Best Steps to Learn Web Development for Beginners

Now, I am going to explain the 12 best steps to learn about web development. These steps are very useful for beginners/ freshers & Experienced developers

1. Join Web Development Institute

The Web Development Institute is the best place for a beginner. Here you can start improving your coding skills in a better way. Even you will get a good environment to learn about web development.

There are many web developers are available in the market for web development. You can join the best one from those institutes. Even you can search on google to find out the list of top Web Development institutes nearby you.

You can learn a full web development course within 3 or 6 months of training. When you complete your training, you will definitely become a great web developer. After that, you will be able to write for performing simple & complex teaks dynamically.

But You will have to pay fees to the institute for the web development course. if you want to learn it absolutely free then you can learn from online websites & youtube channels. But I suggest you should join an institute if you are zero in the coding field.

2. Learn Web Designing Languages

Web designing languages are used for front-end web development. Using it, you can customize front-end content like text, table, form, heading, paragraph, list images & more in a proper format.

To make user-friendly & attractive web applications, you have to use web designing languages. So, You should learn some basic languages that are more necessary to develop any kind of website.

There are four web designing languages that are required for Front-end development –

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • javascript
  • Bootsrap

Also, you can know more about the Top 10 web designing languages to learn from basic to advanced level

3. Learn Web Development  Languages

Web Development languages are used for Backend Web development. using it, you can develop dynamic web applications that perform different dynamic tasks based on the user requirements.

There are various web development languages are available in the market. But You will know here about only those languages that are frequently used to build a top-level web application

There are seven top web development languages that are frequently used for Back-end. You can learn only one of the following languages –

  • Python
  • Java
  • PHP
  • C#
  • Ruby
  • Ajax
  • Node.js

4. Learn Database Languages

Database languages are used to insert, fetch, update & delete data from the table. Using it, You can easily operate database between the database & web application. So, you should also learn it.

There are the 8 best database languages to learn for web development.

  • SQL
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • MongoDB
  • Amazon RDS
  • DB2
  • Memcached

5. Use Web Development Tools

You should also use web development tools to build a web application.

I suggest you should use the following best tools for web development-

  • Code Editor – To write back-end code to develop the website.
  • Web Browser – To run Website
  • Git – For storing the source code of the website for the future use
  • Filezilla – For transferring website over the internet
  • Xampp/Wampp – To run PHP Code
  • Postman – To execute REST API

6. Use Web Development Extensions

You should also use the following chrome extensions for web development. These extensions help you to develop web applications quickly.

  • Weppalyzer
  • check my links
  • XML Tree
  • Managing MySQL Database
  • Web Developer
  • Ajax Debugger
  • Talend API Tester
  • Quick javaScript
  • JSON Formatter
  • JSON Viewer

Click here to know more about the above extensions in detail

7. Learn Web Development Frameworks

Each Web development language has its own frameworks that help us to quickly develop web applications.

Web development framework provides various, libraries, modules & helpers to easily create both simple & complex functionalities for any kind of tasks. So, You should learn Web development frameworks

You can learn one of the following frameworks based on your core web development languages –

Python Frameworks –

If you are interested in Python then you should learn one of the following Python frameworks

  • Django
  • Flask

Java Frameworks –

If you are interested in Java then you should learn one of the following Java frameworks

  • Spring
  • Grails
  • Hibernate
  • Struts

Ruby Frameworks –

If you are interested in Ruby then you should learn one of the following Ruby frameworks

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Hinami
  • Sinatra
  • Cuba

PHP Frameworks –

If you are interested in PHP then you should learn one of the following PHP frameworks

  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter
  • Symfony
  • CakePHP
  • Yii
  • Zend

C# Frameworks –

If you are interested in C# then you should learn the following frameworks


Node.js Frameworks –

If you are interested in Node.js then you should learn one of the following Node.js frameworks

  • Express.js
  • AdonisJs
  • Nest.js
  • Sails.js
  • Koa.js

8. Work on CRUD Operations

The CRUD is the short form of CREATE READ UPDATE DELETE.

In the case of CRUD Operation, You have to insert/create, read/retrieve, update & delete data from the database.

CRUD Operation is the most important part of the web application. So, you should work on CRUD operation more & more.

To work on CRUD Operation, you can develop applications like registration form, login form, contact form, student profile information, employee records, to-do list, image galleries & more.

9. Learn to create the REST API

API is the short form Application Program Interface. It provides a simple interface to communicate between two web applications.

An API handles POST, GET, PUT, PATCH & DELETE data in JSON Format through HTTP request

REST is the short form of Representational State Transfer. It is a pattern for creating APIs. Using it, you can transfer data to the different websites & mobile applications in a proper format.

If you have the best understanding of REST API, then It will be your additional advantage and you can also get a respected job. So, you should learn to create REST API.

10. Develop Mini Web Applications

You should also develop mini web applications more & more. Because It will increase your understanding power of coding and you will be used to easily any kind of small web applications,

For developing web applications, you can start to develop bog, company, institute, colleges, admin panel website & more. Don’t worry, you will get more idea for a mini web application when you begin to think about it. Even you can get the best idea from Google.

11. Develop Major Web Applications

Major Web applications can take you to the advanced level where you can become a great web developer. So, you should develop major web applications more & more.

For developing major web applications, you can work on Online Shopping System, Student ERP, Blood Bank, Hotel management system, student record system & more. You can get more idea about it from Google.

12. Join Web Development Company

The web development company gives you the best opportunity to grow your career professionally & financially. Here, you will get a good chance to work on a top-level project. After working a few years, you will see your self yourself at the top position in the web development field. So, you should join a web development company. But before joining you will have to be well prepared for the interview. Because you will be selected based on interview performance.