What is javascript void(0)

javascript void(0) is an operator that executes an expression without reloading the web page and removes unwanted effects from the web page. It always returns an undefined primitive value. The void(0) is mainly used with a hyperlink to prevent the web page from refreshing. This means that we can use it as javascript: void(0) in href does not have any URL but It will be performed on executing another expression. syntax – 1 <a href=”javascript:void(0)”>Link Text</a> Sntax – 2 <a href=”javascript:void(expression)”>Link Text</a> The void(0) can accept an expression and return its result as well as an undefined value. Example – … Continue reading

JavaScript Accordion with Example

JavaScript Accordion is a  collapsible content list. Basically, developers need to create the accordion to show & hide the largest content. So, you will get the best accordion to integrate into your project. If you have large content to display in a small section on the web page, then you have the best option to arrange those contents in proper format using Javascript Accordion. How to Create Accordion in JavaScript You will learn to create an accordion of description. you will show and hide the description by clicking the plus (+) & minus ( – ) symbol. You will get … Continue reading

JavaScript Form Validation with Example

In this tutorial, I provide the standard & simple javascript form validation code with an example. It will help you to validate a signup or login form from the friend-end. Even It begins to start validating and display an error message while you enter the values into the input fields. Here, you learn to validate a registration form that has the First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, Password & Confirm Password. After learning it, You can easily create a client-side form validation in javascript. Javascript Form Validation Before Submit Now, Let’s understand the following Input validation one by … Continue reading

HTML to PDF in JavaScript – Convert Web Page to PDF Using JavaScript

HTML to PDF in JavaScript: Most of the developers want to convert HTML web pages to PDF files in a simple way. but they don’t get the right platform to learn to code in a simple & easy way. well, I have shared in this article the standard & simple JavaScript source code for generating PDF files from the HTML page. PDF files help us to read the bulk content of the web page without an internet connection. In this tutorial, you will learn to generate HTML to pdf with plain Text, CSS, & Images.   How to Convert HTML … Continue reading

Get Query String Value From URL Using JavaScript

If you want to get query string value from URL using javaScript, you have found the right tutorials. Here, you will get the best script within a custom function. This function will be worked with different types of the query string. You will also get a complete guide to use it directly in your project. You will need it whenever you work with dynamic content using ajax. It will help you to get dynamic query string value from the URL So that you can easily access dynamic content from the database using back-end language. In this tutorial, I will show … Continue reading