How to Close Modal on Click Outside Using jQuery

The Modal hides by clicking a close button. But in most cases, you need to close the modal on click outside anywhere. According to your need, this tutorial is shared with free source code to implement it using jQuery. Therefore, You will easily integrate into your project. As you know that the modal is just … Read more

How to Add Media Query in Jquery

Media Query in JQuery: As you know that Media Query was created in CSS3. It is used to create responsive web pages. Means that it can display the web contents & layouts in different size of devices with proper format. So, It is widely used to create a user-friendly & mobile-friendly website. In most cases, … Read more

How to Show and Hide Password Using jQuery

As you know the Password always displays in the form of a bullet. Because It can be protected from hacking. But most of the users need a visible password. Hence, you can give them a password visibility option with jQuery. Therefore, In this tutorial, you will know How to Show and Hide Password using jquery. … Read more