JavaScript Word Guessing Game

The JavaScript Word Guessing game is a strong and brain-engaging activity that can help improve your memory. In this game, you’re presented with random words on the dashboard. With the help of hints or questions, you try to figure out the right words. This not only exercises your brain but also keeps you entertained. It’s … Read more

JavaScript Color Picker Chrome Extension

In this tutorial, You will learn to create a javascript color picker chrome extension from scratch with some simple steps that will help you to enhance your coding skills. The color picker is the chrome extension tool that is used to pick up colors in RGB format easily from anywhere on the screen. It is … Read more

Calculate Marks Percentage in JavaScript

In this tutorial, you will learn to calculate marks percentage in javascript step by step. So, If you need to provide a feature to calculate the percentage of obtained exam marks automatically after entering total marks & scored marks in the given input fields, then It will be more helpful for you. Learn also – … Read more

Detect AdBlocker using JavaScript

Hello Developers, If you need to integrate the adblocker detector into your website, then you are at the right place. here you will learn to detect adblocker using javascript with complete source code & step by step explanation. Also, you will know everything about the working & usages of an adblocker extension. Most of the … Read more

Create Cookie Consent Popup in JavaScript

In this tutorial, you will learn to create a simple Cookie Consent Popup in javaScript, HTML & CSS step by step. But before getting started, you should have a basic understanding of javascript cookies. So that you can easily add it to your website. Cookies stores different types of user information as a text file … Read more