How to Update Data Using Node.js and MySQL

This tutorial will help you to update the data of the MYSQL table row. If you want to use MySQL with Node.js, it will be very useful for your project. Even you will get the best & easy Node.js MySQL Update Query with a Simple example. So, Read all the next steps and use the given concept in your project. Node.js MySQL Update Data Before getting started, You must insert data into the MySQL database and display data on the page. If you have done both, you need not create them again. 1. Install Express Application You have to┬áInstall Basic … Continue reading

How to Install Express Application Using Express Generator Tool

Install Express Application: This tutorial will help you to create a basic structure of Express js. If you are going to develop web applications using express js, you should create a basic structure of express. So that you can easily develop your web application. Even you will get a basic demo of routing, static files & views folder. On the basis of these demos, you will be able to create other folders, files & coding scripts according to your project requirement. Express Generator Tool Express Generator Tool provides an environment to quickly create a basic structure of express. You can … Continue reading

How to Insert Form Data Into the Table Using Node.js and MySQL

In this tutorial, You will learn how to insert form data into the table using Node.js & MySQL. Even you will get the complete guide in a few steps. All the steps will be more helpful for inserting values into the database. So, Read the complete tutorial with full concentration. Insert Data From the Form into MySQL Database Using Node.js You will have to configure all the next steps to insert data from the form using Node.js & MySQL. So, Don’t skip any of them. Once you complete these steps, you will definitely store any type of form input values … Continue reading

How to display Data from MySQL database table in Node.js

In this tutorial, I will show you how to display data from the MySQL database table using Node.js. Even you will learn this tutorial with a simple example. In this example, All the data will display in the HTML table in the proper format. So, read all the following steps and use them in your project. Display MySQL Data in HTML Table Using Node.js Before getting started, You must insert data into the MySQL database using node.js. Even make sure that Database Name is ‘nodeapp’ and table name is ‘users’. If you want to use your own database & table … Continue reading

Node.js MySQL Connection Step By Step

If you want to use the MySQL server with your node.js App then you have to learn the node.js MySQL connection. So, here I will tell you How to Connect Node.js to MySQL Database. Once you complete this tutorial, you will easily configure it in your application. Connect MySQL Database to Node.js App NPM provides a MySQL module to create a database connection. But you will have to configure the following steps to use it with Node.js. Important Notes – If you want to create a database with the help of the MySQL command then you will have to install … Continue reading