Javascript Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

In this tutorial, I have shared the top 62 javascript interview questions and answers according to my working experience. These questions are useful for freshers as well as experienced developers. Those developers who are looking for a job in the IT field, they have the best option here to prepare for an interview. Generally, most of the interviewers ask the maximum questions of this article. So, I suggest that you must prepare all the given questions for 2021. Top JavaScript Questions 2020 | Developer Must Prepare If you want to get a job in the web development field, you must … Continue reading

How to Update Data Using Ajax in PHP

In this tutorial, You will learn How to update data using Ajax in PHP. I have shared the best ajax jQuery script with a simple example. It will help you to update data without page refresh. When you use to execute PHP code without reloading the page then you have the best option to use ajax jQuery. It is very fast & easy to implement any backend script. If you are working with the backend script, you should develop your project by using ajax jquery. Update Data Using Ajax jQuery in PHP Before Getting Started with this Script, You must … Continue reading

How to Insert Data Using Ajax in PHP

Insert Data Using Ajax in PHP: This tutorial is posted for beginners as well as experienced developers. It will help you insert form data into the MySQL Database without page refresh. I have shared the best example using ajax, PHP & MySQL. So, You can learn How to Insert Data Using Ajax in PHP and MySQL. All the steps are explained in a simple way. Those are easy to understand. Hence, Continue reading the complete tutorials. Insert Data Using Ajax in PHP I have explained this tutorial in a simple form. Once you learn it, you will insert other form … Continue reading

How to Fetch Data From Database Using Ajax

This tutorial is helpful to fetch data from the database using ajax in PHP. Here you will learn it with a basic example. If you create ajax based project and you also want to developed everything without reloading the page then this example is best for you. Once you read this complete tutorial, you will be able to quickly display other different & complex data. Fetch Data From Database using ajax in PHP I have shared this tutorial with a basic example. This example will display some data like full name, email address, city & country on clicking a button. … Continue reading

How to Create Dependent Dropdown using Ajax, PHP

The dependent dropdown using ajax is the most popular feature of Web development. It can automatically display dependent values in the dropdown. when the user selects one value of the first dropdown options. The next dropdown will be filled with dependent values automatically. The Dependent values will be fetched dynamically from the database table using ajax, PHP & MYSQL. Even the page will not refresh. So, It makes the project user-friendly & attractive. In this tutorial, I have provided an example of three dependent dropdowns like Country, State & City. Once you learn it with the given script, you will … Continue reading