How to Count Textarea Characters Using JavaScript

This tutorial will help you How to count Textarea characters using javascript. Even you will get free source code to integrate into your project. It will show total characters, maximum characters & remaining characters of the Textarea field in a live notification. You will see the live notification Whenever the user begins to enter text into the Textarea field. It is very simple to implement & understand. So, you can easily create live characters counter Using javascript. You can also use it with another text field of the form to validate the input data. Once you learn it, you will … Continue reading

How to Delete Data From Database Using Ajax in PHP

This tutorial learn you How to delete data from the database using Ajax in PHP. I have shared the best ajax jQuery script with an example. It will help you to delete the record without page refresh As you know that Ajax executes the Backend code in the background. In this tutorial, Ajax will quickly execute PHP Script. Therefore, When you click the delete button, data will be deleted from the MySQL database based on its id. Finally, you can delete the existing record without page loading. Before learning it, You should a good understanding of ajax, PHP & MySQL. … Continue reading

How to Create Multilevel Category in PHP MySQL

The multilevel category is the collection of infinite nested categories. This means that you can create one or more categories within the parent category to the nth level in the list or option.  Even, It looks like the Hierarchical Tree Structure. It is mostly implemented in web applications. Therefore, I have shared the best way to create Multilevel Category in PHP MYSQL. Developers always need to create a dynamic multilevel nested category in their projects. So, they need to learn it. Even they have many solutions to implement it. But I will learn you in a proper way with the … Continue reading

How to Create Category and Subcategory in PHP

Hello Developers, I have shared the best tutorial to learn about displaying categories and subcategories on web pages. In Most projects, you need to create a Dynamic category and subcategory in PHP using MySQL. But you don’t know the simple way to implement it. So, Don’t worry, you will get the best & simple script to use in your projects. As you know that a category is created in another category is called nested or child or subcategory. So, you need to care about its relationship. Every subcategory is always created with the id of the parent category. So, I … Continue reading

How to Create a Tree Structure in JavaScript

The tree structure is a  collapsible nested list. Basically, developers need to create it for the largest network addition and it can show and hide the nested network in the tree view. So, This tutorial is useful to create Tree Structure in JavaScript. It is very simple to integrate into the project. You may also need to implement a tree structure view in the MLM website. Because This website mainly works on users network system. Let’s understand it through the following example Suppose that A  user connects two more users inside himself. Then both the users connect two more users … Continue reading