SQL SELECT Statement – Query, Syntax, Condition, Example

SQL SELECT Statement is explained with definition, syntax, query, & example. It is also given with different conditions like WHERE, IN, LIMIT, ORDER BY, GROUP BY, HAVING. Once, you read complete this tutorial, you definitely select data from specified/all columns of a table. SQL SELECT Statement Definition –  SQL SELECT statement retrieves existing data from specified columns of a table. SELECT Syntax You can select data from a table with the help of the following syntax Syntax – SELECT column1_name, column2_name, column3_name,… FROM table_name; Important Points – You can write a SELECT statement in Uppercase or lowercase. Column Names must … Continue reading

SQL UNION – Combine Multiple Tables Using UNION

In his tutorial, you will know the complete overview of SQL Union with an Example. This tutorial will be also very helpful to get more information related to it such as union command, syntax, usage & steps to use union so on. For a better understanding, We have taken two sets like set_1 & set_2 are shown in the figure below. set_1 has four values like 1, 2, 3, and set_2 has six values like 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. Both sets have two duplicate/ common values 3, 4. When we combine both sets, we will get a final result_set … Continue reading

SQL INNER JOIN – Syntax, Query, Example

SQL INNER JOIN is frequently used to join two or more tables. It is mainly used with the SELECT statement to select data from multiple tables. So, you should have knowledge of the SELECT statement. if you don’t have then you will not worry about it. Here I will give you basic information about it so that you can easily use it to select data by joining multiple tables. In this tutorial, you will learn everything like inner joins multiple tables with a definition, example, query & execution using the command line.  I have explained all the related information in … Continue reading

jQuery Scroll Top – Smooth Scrolling to Top of the Page

jQuery Scroll Top – When you reach the bottom of the website page that has long content then you will need to scroll back to the top of the page on a button click. To implement it, you will get the standard source code in this tutorial. Scroll to Top in jQuery I have implemented scroll to top in jquery with a long page and a red button is hidden on the top.  When you scroll down the page, a red button will appear at the right-bottom position. After that, you can click that button to scroll to the top of … Continue reading

What is javascript void(0)

javascript void(0) is an operator that executes an expression without reloading the web page and removes unwanted effects from the web page. It always returns an undefined primitive value. The void(0) is mainly used with a hyperlink to prevent the web page from refreshing. This means that we can use it as javascript: void(0) in href does not have any URL but It will be performed on executing another expression. syntax – 1 <a href=”javascript:void(0)”>Link Text</a> Sntax – 2 <a href=”javascript:void(expression)”>Link Text</a> The void(0) can accept an expression and return its result as well as an undefined value. Example – … Continue reading