SQL CASE Statement with Multiple Conditions

SQL Case Statement -The case statement is the heart of SQL. Because It can control the execution of different sets of statements. It handles the WHEN/THEN statement.  By using it, we can filter & optimize queries through selection rows that satisfied our requirements. We can also use it in an insert, select, update or delete statement along with Where, Order By, Group By clause so on. As we know that we perform different actions in different conditions in our real world. So, the case statement is also similar to our real-world actions. lets’ we understand with the following real-world example … Continue reading

CSS Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

You have found the best collection of CSS Interview Questions and answers. Here I have provided all the questions according to my working experience. I have seen that most of the interviewers asked me these types of questions. So, These are very helpful for freshers as well as experienced web developers/designers. In this tutorial, All the questions are explained with an example & speaking language. So, there are easy to understand. Once you read these complete tutorials. you will definitely qualify for the interview and will get a respected job in a reputed company. CSS Interview Questions And Answers for … Continue reading

SQL Aggregate Functions – Example, Definition, Syntax

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss SQL aggregate functions like COUNT(), SUM(), MAX(), MIN(). AVG() with an example, definition & syntax. you will learn it in some simple steps that are very simple to understand. Aggregate Functions in SQL Aggregate functions calculate the string & numeric values of multiple records of a particular column and return a numeric result. Using aggregate functions in SQL, you can find out the largest value, lowest value, average value, total number of records, & total sum of values of a specified column. Aggregate functions mainly used with the GROUP BY  & HAVING … Continue reading

How to Prevent SQL Injection in PHP

As you know that you must develop a secure web application. So that you can protect your application from hackers. Mostly Hackers can hack your application with SQL injection. So, you need to know more about it How to prevent SQL Injection in PHP. In this tutorial, you will learn SQL injection in detail with an example. Even you will get the best way to prevent it. Therefore, It is explained with simple & speaking language that will be helpful for you. What is SQL Injection SQL injection is a web hacking technique. So, It can destroy your database with … Continue reading

SQL Join 3 Tables – Join Query for Three Tables with Example

In this tutorial, We will discuss SQL JOIN 3 tables with the best example. with this example, you will definitely become an expert in joining three or more tables. Even you will get the standard SQL join query for 3 tables that will be very useful to join the largest & complex tables. As you know that we have always to write multiple select statements to select data from multiple tables. But It is not good for a large number of records & tables. It may increase the execution time or kill the queries. So, we need to write a … Continue reading