SQL ORDER BY – Definition, Syntax, Example

In this tutorial, the SQL ORDER BY statement is explained with definition, syntax, example, ASC & DESC keyword. Using it, you will learn how to sort multiple column data in ascending or descending order. ORDER BY clause is mainly used with the SELECT statement. If you don’t know about the SELECT statement, Don’t worry, I will give you basic information about it. If you need to display data from the table in descending or ascending order, this tutorial is beneficial for you. So, you must follow all the given steps that will learn you a new concept.   What is … Continue reading

Responsive Portfolio Gallery With Filtering Category Using jQuery

In this tutorial, You will get the best Portfolio Gallery with filtering. It is created using jQuery, CSS & HTML. Even It is very simple to use in your project. So, read the complete tutorial to easily learn it. The portfolio is the collection of multiple galleries is called the portfolio gallery. A  gallery might contain an image or text. Even you can filter it by clicking its button. Each button has its category. And it will display the content based on the category. How to Create a Portfolio Gallery with Filtering Using jQuery In this tutorial, you will learn … Continue reading

Upload Multiple Files to Store in MySQL Database Using PHP

Are you want to learn How to upload multiple files and store them in a MySQL database using PHP? Well, you have found the best tutorial. Here you will learn it with simple steps & standard source code. All the steps will be very simple to understand & lean. Even you can easily integrate it into your projects. Generally, Developers upload a single file at a time. But Sometimes you need to upload multiple files at a time. So, PHP provides the best functionality to implement it. So that you can easily upload files to the server folder and can … Continue reading

Ajax File Upload – Without Refreshing Page

This tutorial is shared for ajax file upload without refreshing the page. You will learn to upload different types of file formats (like jpg, png, gif, pdf, docs, zip, text & more) with some steps that are very simple to understand.   How to Upload File Using jQuery Ajax Before start coding, you should create the following folder structure. myproject |__uploads/ |__ajax-script.js |__backend-script.php |__upload-form.php |   Learn Also – Upload File Using PHP You have to configure the following steps – 1. Create HTML Form First of all, Configure the following steps to create HTML Form Create an HTML form … Continue reading

SQL CASE Statement with Multiple Conditions

SQL Case Statement -The case statement is the heart of SQL. Because It can control the execution of different sets of statements. It handles the WHEN/THEN statement.  By using it, we can filter & optimize queries through selection rows that satisfied our requirements. We can also use it in an insert, select, update or delete statement along with Where, Order By, Group By clause so on. As we know that we perform different actions in different conditions in our real world. So, the case statement is also similar to our real-world actions. lets’ we understand with the following real-world example … Continue reading