PHP Admin Logout

A secure PHP admin logout system is essential to protect user accounts, maintain session integrity, and ensure the privacy of sensitive data.

Before getting started with this tutorial, You must follow the previous step for creating an admin dashboard

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In this article, we will explore how to create a secure PHP admin logout system that helps protect user accounts and maintain the integrity of your application

php admin logout

Steps to create admin logout in PHP

To create a logout system for an admin in a PHP web application, you’ll typically need to destroy the admin’s session and redirect them to a login page. So, Let’s start with the below steps

Create a PHP logout script:

Create a PHP script for logging out the admin user. This script will destroy the session and redirect the user to the login page.

Directory – admin/scripts/AdminLogout.php


if (isset($_SESSION['email'])) {

header("Location: ../index.php");

Add a Logout Link

Now, Add a link to the logout anchor tag that is present in the admin profile dropdown of the navbar.php file

Directory – admin/views/common/navbar.php

<li><a class="dropdown-item" href="scripts/AdminLogout.php">Logout</a></li>

Logout from the Admin Panel

This code will ensure that only authenticated admin users can access the admin pages, and if they click the “Logout” link, they will be logged out and redirected to the login page.

To check logout system, First Login to the admin panel with the valid credential and then click on the logout link that is present in the dropdown of the admin profile