PHP Data Type

PHP supports various data types such as integer, float, string, boolean, array, object, resource, & null that allow you to work with different kinds of values. Data Types Examples Integer $age = 25 Float $price = 12.99 String $name = “John” Boolean $yes = true, $no = false Array $colors= [“red”, “blue”, “black”] Object $car … Read more

PHP echo Statement

PHP echo statement: In PHP, the echo statement is used to output text or HTML content to a web page. It’s commonly used to display dynamic content, such as variables, database query results, or HTML code generated by a PHP script. The echo statement has a few key points to consider, and I’ll explain them … Read more

PHP Variable Scope

PHP Variable scope refers to where you can use and change a variable in your code. It is used for writing PHP code that is easy to maintain and doesn’t have errors. Previous Topic – PHP Variables In this article, we will know the different types of variable scopes in PHP  and how they control … Read more

PHP Variables – Step By Step Guide

If you want to store data in temporary storage and access them anywhere in your PHP script then you need to learn PHP variables. In this article, we’ll explain the fundamentals of PHP variables, including how to declare, assign, and use them effectively. What is PHP Variables In PHP, a variable is just like a … Read more

You Must Know the PHP 8.0 New Features

PHP 8.0 New Features – PHP 8.0 has been released on 26 November 2020 with a major update. It comes with many new features like Union Type, Nullsafe operator, named arguments, match expression, Constructor property promotion, static return type, trailing comma & more. Even It introduced many improvements in speed, security, and cleanness of code. … Read more