PHP Contact Form with Sending Email

In this tutorial, I have provided the standard script to create a simple PHP contact form. It is created with complete back-end validation and sending email feature. It is also very simple to integrate easily on the website. So, you should use it in your project. The contact form is the most important part of websites. It can help the users to communicate with the Website owner. So, Users can send a mail to the website owner through it and get a quick response. ¬†Create PHP Contact Form to Send Email with Validation PHP Contact Form contains four input fields … Continue reading

Upload Multiple Files to Store in MySQL Database Using PHP

Are you want to learn How to upload multiple files and store them in a MySQL database using PHP? Well, you have found the best tutorial. Here you will learn it with simple steps & standard source code. All the steps will be very simple to understand & lean. Even you can easily integrate it into your projects. Generally, Developers upload a single file at a time. But Sometimes you need to upload multiple files at a time. So, PHP provides the best functionality to implement it. So that you can easily upload files to the server folder and can … Continue reading

How to Prevent SQL Injection in PHP

As you know that you must develop a secure web application. So that you can protect your application from hackers. Mostly Hackers can hack your application with SQL injection. So, you need to know more about it How to prevent SQL Injection in PHP. In this tutorial, you will learn SQL injection in detail with an example. Even you will get the best way to prevent it. Therefore, It is explained with simple & speaking language that will be helpful for you. What is SQL Injection SQL injection is a web hacking technique. So, It can destroy your database with … Continue reading

Admin Panel Template in PHP with Free Source Code

If you are searching for Admin Panel Template in PHP, You are on the right tutorial. Here, you will get a free source code with a complete guide to integrate it into your website. I have created it with some basic template features. But once you read all the given points, you will definitely create more features according to your requirements. If you develop a dynamic website and manage everything dynamically on the website, you will have to create an admin panel. It works as an intermediate to manage dynamic data between the database & website. Means that it fetches … Continue reading

You Must Know the PHP 8.0 New Features

PHP 8.0 New Features – PHP 8.0 has been released on 26 November 2020 with a major update. It comes with many new features like Union Type, Nullsafe operator, named arguments, match expression, Constructor property promotion, static return type, trailing comma & more. Even It introduced many improvements in speed, security, and cleanness of code. Here, we will discuss only the main features that will be frequently used in PHP 8. In this tutorial, You will know What are the new features in PHP 8 with some examples. If you are currently searching for a job in PHP then You … Continue reading