What is javascript void(0)

javascript void(0) is an operator that executes an expression without reloading the web page and removes unwanted effects from the web page. It always returns an undefined primitive value. The void(0) is mainly used with a hyperlink to prevent the web page from refreshing. This means that we can use it as javascript: void(0) in href does not have any URL but It will be performed on executing another expression. syntax – 1 <a href=”javascript:void(0)”>Link Text</a> Sntax – 2 <a href=”javascript:void(expression)”>Link Text</a> The void(0) can accept an expression and return its result as well as an undefined value. Example – … Continue reading

SQL Create Table – Creating a Table in SQL

If you want to store your data in a database then you will have to create SQL Table with a unique name. t has a simple structure that contains rows & columns. The name of Each column must be unique with a data type. In this tutorial, You will get complete information with syntax & examples. After reading this tutorial, you will easily create different types of Tables. So, This tutorial will be very useful to use its concept in the project. Read also – SQL Interview Question with Answers for 2020 Insert Data into Database Using MySQL & PHP … Continue reading

JavaScript Accordion with Example

JavaScript Accordion is a¬† collapsible content list. Basically, developers need to create the accordion to show & hide the largest content. So, you will get the best accordion to integrate into your project. If you have large content to display in a small section on the web page, then you have the best option to arrange those contents in proper format using Javascript Accordion. How to Create Accordion in JavaScript You will learn to create an accordion of description. you will show and hide the description by clicking the plus (+) & minus ( – ) symbol. You will get … Continue reading

SQL HAVING – Definition, Query, Syntax, Example

This tutorial is shared to learn SQL HAVING statement with definition, query, syntax & example. Even You will learn to use it with aggregate functions like COUNT(), SUM(), MAX, MIN() & AVG(). The HAVING clause always executes in the SELECT statement with the GROUP BY clause and returns the result of grouped values based on conditions. So, Before learning it, you must have a basic knowledge of the GROUP BY clause. What is SQL HAVING Clause ¬†Definition – The SQL Having clause returns by grouping values based on specified conditions using aggregate functions Learn also – SQL Interview Questions and … Continue reading

How to Create a simple todo app using jQuery

jQuery Todo App: In most cases, you need to add multiple text lists dynamically through a single input field. Because It can quickly add and remove the text list. So It is very useful for the project to add a large text list at a time. I have shared this tutorial with a simple jquery to-do list example. you will get a simple script to develop it that is very simple to use. So, Read the whole steps and share with your friends those who searching for this type of functionality. Build a Todo List in JQuery Code Features – … Continue reading