Detect an Internet Connection using JavaScript

Hello Developer, If you need to check or detect an internet connection using JavaScript, then you can use its source code from this tutorial. But Before it, you should know everything about its usages & concept step by step. So that you can easily implement it in your project. If you want to make your … Read more

Detect Browser using JavaScript

When creating websites or web applications, ensuring they work well across various browsers is vital. Each browser interprets code differently, potentially leading to compatibility issues. One approach to managing these differences is through browser detection. Browser detection means using JavaScript to identify the user’s browser and making code adjustments or providing alternatives based on this … Read more

Get Query String Value From URL Using JavaScript

The query string is like an add-on for a URL, giving extra details to a web page’s link. It’s introduced by a question mark ‘?’ and is used to attach values to parameters. page-url.html?parameter=value Example – tutorial.html?id=1 When there’s more than one piece of extra information, they’re linked together using an ampersand ‘&’. Just a … Read more

JavaScript Password Strength Checker

Hello Developer, I have shared a JavaScript Password Strength Checker to quickly check the poor, weak or strong password while it will be entered into the password input field. You have also filled many registration forms on many websites and got a password strength notification in the form of text & a single line just … Read more

JavaScript Countdown Timer

Hello Developers, I have shared a standard source code to create a JavaScript Countdown Timer with days, hours, minutes & seconds step by step. It will be very helpful if you need to integrate a countdown timer feature in your project. Once you complete this article, You will definitely learn to implement it quickly on … Read more