HTML Images – img tag

HTML Images: Images are an essential part of web design, and you can display images on a web page using the <img> element The <img> element is a self-closing tag that is used to embed images into a web page. It doesn’t have a closing tag because it’s not a container; it’s an inline element … Read more

HTML Links – Anchor Tag

HTML links are a fundamental part of creating web pages. They allow you to connect different web pages and resources together, enabling users to navigate between pages, access external websites, or download files. Links are created using the <a> (anchor) element, and they can be customized with various attributes. Basic Link Structure The basic structure … Read more

HTML Tables

HTML Tables: Tables allow for the creation of grids in which information can be displayed in rows and columns, making them an essential tool for tasks ranging from displaying simple data to creating complex layouts. In this article, we’ll explore HTML tables in-depth, from their basic structure to more advanced techniques for styling and responsiveness. … Read more

HTML Lists

HTML Lists: One of the fundamental elements that HTML offers for structuring content is lists. Lists are essential for organizing information clearly and orderly, making web content more readable and user-friendly. In this article, we’ll delve into the various types of HTML lists, how to create and customize them and explore their significance in web … Read more

HTML Paragraph Tag

HTML paragraph is a structural element used to define and display text content as a block of text. Paragraphs are commonly used for organizing and formatting textual content on a web page. Paragraph is represented by <p> Tag Syntax – <p>Text content</p> <p> – Opening Tag: To start a paragraph, you use the <p> opening … Read more

How to Code HTML

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a fundamental building block of the World Wide Web(WWW), serving as the backbone for creating static web pages. Previous Topic – Before getting started, You should have knowledge of HTML Introduction It is a markup language that structures the content of web documents in a proper format and allows them … Read more

HTML Heading Tags

HTML Heading Tags: Heading a title or a subtitle for a web page or a section of a web page. We will learn six types of headings, from <h1> (the most important) to <h6> (the least important). The web browser always displays the heading element text in a larger and bolder font. The heading tags … Read more

HTML Elements

HTML Elements:  If you create a web page with or without content then it is necessary to use elements. otherwise, the web browsers will not display that web page or content in a proper format. By the way, all the content can be displayed without using elements. But this method is totally wrong. Because if … Read more