How to Become a Programmer Step By Step

Do you think, How to become a programmer step by step? of course yes, so you are here. I’ll tell you here 10 best ways that will make you a good programmer.

If you are a beginner then all these ways will prove better for you. If you are experienced and you are not good at programming, you feel that you need to improve your programming skills, then all these ways are going to be very helpful for you too.

10 ways to become good programmer step by step

What is a Programming Language?

A programming language is a machine language that is created to develop software and Computer can easily understand & execute it.

As you know that people need a language like Hindi, English, or others to converse among them. Similarly, Computers need a machine language that is called a programming language.

A programming language provides variables, conditions, functions, class, object & more to write programs based on the given instructions

There are many programming languages like Python, Java, C, C++, JavaScript, & more that are most popular for creating mobile, desktop applications, or software.

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What is a Programmer?

In my point of view, a programmer maybe anyone who can build programming logic and write a standard program for software.

If you learn a programming language and write clean programs then you will be called a Programmer. But to be a good programmer, you have to follow all the given steps of this article.

There are a lot of things in our life which are very difficult to do and it takes a lot of time too, but a programmer can make them easily with the help of programs

A programmer solves a problem by writing the program according to its correct instruction, so the demands of the programmer are increased today. If you become a smart programmer then your career will be very successful.

10 Best Ways to Become a Good Programmer From Scratch

Now, I am going to tell you the 10 best ways to become a good programmer step by step. if you follow them, you will definitely become a smart & successful programmer.

1. Get a Technical Degree

If you want to become a programmer, first you have to get a technical degree like BCA, BE, B.Tech, M.Tech, MCA

If you want to become a programmer without a technical degree, then you can by learning some programming language, but you will not be able to get a respected job in a Top-level software company. So it is my suggestion that you should get a technical degree from any recognized college.

2. Know about Basic Computer

Before becoming a programmer, you should have a basic understanding of computers.

If you don’t have one, first of all, you will have to know how to operate a computer/desktop/laptop, use a text editor, copy & paste text, create/delete/modify files & folders. Even you should know more things like how to use keywords, mouse, browser & internet so on.

3. Select Programming Courses

There are many programming courses are available in the market. But you should select one of them. It totally depends on you that which is your interested course.

Here are some main programming courses that are most popular in IT industries –

  • Software Development – In this course, you can develop software
  • Web Development – In this course, you can develop dynamic websites & applications
  • Mobile App Development – In this course, You can develop mobile apps
  • Database Development – In this course, You can develop and optimize the database queries

You can learn the above course from a training Institute or online website. Now, you will know about programming languages related to these courses.

4. Learn Programming Languages

Now You learn a programming language to become a good & smart programmer. So, there are various programming languages are available in the industries But you should select some language that comes in your selected courses

So, Here is some programming languages related to courses –

If you select Software development, then you will have to learn the following languages –

  • C Language
  • C++ Language
  • Java Language
  • Python Language
  • Scala Language
  • R Programming

If you select Web development then you will have to learn the following languages

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • javascript
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular js
  • React Js
  • PHP
  • .Net
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Applet
  • Django/Flask

If you select Mobile App Development you have to learn the following g languages

  • Android
  • Kotlin
  • Swift
  • React Native
  • Ionic

If you select Database Development course then you have to learn the following languages

  • MongoDB
  • PL/SQL
  • MySQL
  • DB2
  • SQLite
  • Amazon RDS

You can learn the above programming languages from

5. Use Programming Tools

There are many programming languages that are available. But that depends on your languages. Here I am going to tell you some following tools that are common for all programmers. You should learn to use these tools to become a smart programmer

  • Code Editor
  • Git
  • Xampp/Wampp
  • Android Studio
  • Python IDE
  • FileZilla
  • Virtual Box
  • Remote Desktop
  • Command Prompt
  • TeamViewer/AnyDisk

6. Write Clean & standard Program

You always have to write clean & standard program if you have to become a smart programmer.

To write a clean program, you must have basic & advanced knowledge of each variable, condition, class, object, & method in depth. Even you have to try to build new programming logic.

7. Write a Program to Solve Maths Problems

You should write a program to solve maths problems. Because Mathematical Problems are the best way to improve your programming logic/concept.

If you solve mathematics questions then you will definitely familiar with complex numbers, factorial, odd & even numbers, leap years, Prime numbers, Armstrong numbers, Fibonacci series & more.

8. Develop minor & major Projects

Minor and major projects have a huge role to be a good programmer. So, You should develop both minor & major projects.

First of all, you have to work on small projects, then start making big projects so that your programming logic can be improved.

There are many ideas that are available on the internet to create projects. You can search for them based on your programming courses.

9. Join an IT Company as a Programmer

You will get an opportunity to work on top-level projects in an IT company so that your programming skills will improve to a better level, after that you will start writing long programs very quickly and will also become a good programmer. So, you should join an IT company as a Programmer.

10. Don’t stop learning the Program

You should not stop learning the program, always have to be prepared for the upcoming updates in programming languages and keep learning more and more new programming so that you can become an expert programmer and can easily write the program for any complex task.

My Suggestions

I have shared Top 10 ways to become the best programmer step by step. Follow all the above steps, you will definitely become an expert in the programming/coding field.

If you like this article, share it with your friends as well. Even you have any questions or suggestions, then you can ask me through the comment box.