How to Learn Web Designing From Basics

Do you think How to Learn Web Designing From Basics ?. Well, You are reading the best article. here you will get a complete idea for web designing courses and languages step by step. If you are a fresher or beginner web designer then you need not think anymore, you can easily design your websites after reading this full article.

learn web designing from basics

What is Web Designing?

Web Designing is the process to design attractive & user-friendly web pages using front-end languages like HTML, CSS/SaaS, javaScript, bootstrap & more.

In the case of Web designing, You have to customize text/content, images, media in a proper format that can be adjusted in the different screen sizes of devices like mobile, desktop, laptop & tab.

In today’s time, the internet has become our most needed thing. It is very difficult to do any work without it. Everyone is using websites and apps to reach their business to more and more people. earlier only the websites of big companies used to run, but now even small companies have started running their own websites.

Now the question arises that how is a website made and who is it made?  So you should know that web designing is required to create a website and there is a web designer who creates it.

As you may know, in the time of today, the number of websites on the Internet has increased over the last few years. Likewise, it will continue to increase in the future also. And web designing industries will also continue to grow. If you want to get into the web designing field then this is the best decision of your career.

You may think that is required a Graduate degree to learn web designing? then answer is – Not at all. You can teach it without any degree. But if you want to work in a top-level web designing company then you will have to take a graduate degree.

Even if you have a 10th or 12th degree, you can still go into the web designing field but you can only get a job in a startup company.

12 Best Ways to Learn Web Designing for Beginners

Now, I am going to explain the 12 best ways to learn web designing. You should follow them to design a responsive website quickly –

1. Join a Web Designing Institute

If you want to learn web designing from basic to advance level then you will have to join an Institute. Because you will get various ways to improve your skills.

There are various institutes are available that provides complete web designing course. You can join the best institute nearby you.

You will have to give at least 3 months to learn web designing. after that, you will become a good web designer and you will be able to design any complex or largest websites quickly.

If you don’t want to join any institute then you can learn web designing from YouTube channels and websites absolutely free. But I suggest you should join an institute if you don’t know about coding/programming.

2. Learn Web Designing Languages

Web Designing languages are the most necessary part of web designing. Without them, you can’t design a website. So, you will have to learn them.

According to my working experience, I have listed the following languages that are most useful for web designing –

  • HTML – Learn it to create a structure, layout of the web page.
  • CSS –  Learn it to design a web page
  • Saas – Also, Learn it to design a web page quickly
  • JavaScript – Learn it to design, create, delete, modify, hide & show elements/ content dynamically
  • jQuery – It is a library of javascript, you should learn it to reduce lines of javascript code.
  • Bootstrap – Learn it to create quickly responsive & user-friendly  websites
  • Canvas –  Learn it to create graphic shapes
  • SVG – Also, Learn it to graphic for HTML elements

3. Use the Best Code Editor

The code editor is most important for web designing. Because you will have to use it to write the code. So, I suggest you should one of the following code editors that are absolutely free

  • Notepad
  • Notepad++
  • Visual Studio
  • Sublime
  • Bracket

You should learn to use each option of the above code editor. So that you would write long code very fast within a few seconds.

4. Learn the Basic Photoshop

Before designing any website with code, you should make its design in Photoshop so that you can easily change it if you don’t find something right in it.

We can use Photoshop to create images, layout, and structure of the website. So, you should have a basic understanding of Photoshop.

5. Use Web Designing Tools

Web Designing Tools are very useful for any website. with the help of it, you can easily design an attractive & user-friendly website. So, you should use this tool.

Here is the list of web designing tools –

  • Photopea – Using it, You can design images, layout & structure of the web page
  • Google Web Designer -You can use it as a photoshop
  • Canva -In this tool, you get free images and you can use them & customize them too.
  • Pixabay -It provides copyright-free images to use on websites
  • Animate. style – It provides animation effects libraries
  • W0wjs – It also provides animation & effects.
  • Lipsum – It provides dummy content to use in websites.
  • CSS Gradient – It generates gradient color code.
  • Github – It provides a free space to store source code for backup

6. Use Chrome Extensions for Web Designing

Chrome extension can help you to quickly design a web page. Even It provides the best features to get the color code, font & dimensions of the website. So, you should use it for web designing.

Here are the 10 best chrome extensions –

  1. Lorem Ipsum Generator Extension
  2. Viewport Resizer Extension
  3. Page Ruler Redux Extension
  4. Clear Cache
  5. WhatFont
  6. Just Color Picker Extension
  7. GoFullPage Extension
  8. User CSS
  9. CSS3 Generator
  10. Web Maker

Click here to get complete details like features, usage & installation of the above extension.

7. Analyze the Live Website

You should always analyze the websites running on the Internet. Look at its header, footer, navigation, sidebar, section, and layout. So that you can get a good idea about its layout and structure of websites. By doing this, you will get a new idea to create a unique design and you will be able to design an attractive and user-friendly website with ease.

You can analyze any websites by doing the following simple steps –

  • Search website on Google related to your requirement
  • Open all the websites that come on Google’s first page and second page.
  • See the structure, layouts, and placement of content, text, images & media.
  • Then Try to create a new & unique design in your photoshop
  • When you feel your design is absolutely attractive & user-friendly then start designing with code

8. Design more & more components

After learning web designing languages, you should begin to design different components like header, footer, sidebar, table, list, registration form, Login Form, contact form, image gallery, blog layout & more.

When you design a lot of components, your web designing skills will improve a lot and you will start writing code easily for any kind of design.

You can take the idea of components from different types of websites on the Internet. Whatever design you get, you first design similar to it, after that you try to create a new design by yourself.

9. Design User-friendly Web pages

Now, You should design more & more user-friendly web pages. First of all, you have to design only a single web page one by one with different types of designing the format.

A lot of websites exist on the internet. Start designing any website you like. So that you get a good understanding of designing and you can design a top-level web page very quickly.

10. Design Responsive Templates

At this step, you have learned lots about web designing. Now, you will have to read to design responsive templates/websites.

Try to design a complete website with multiple pages like about us, services, contact us, blogs, & more. It depends on you which types of the website do you want to design.

You can search for free templates on google and start designing them using HTML, CSS, JavaScript & bootstrap. But you always try to design a large website that layouts are more complex. so that you can build high-level designing skills.

11. Learn Web Designing Frameworks

Using the frameworks you can easily design the biggest website in a short time. Nowadays most of the companies also prefer to make a website using Frameworks. If you have knowledge of framework then you can get a chance to work in Top Level Company with the highest pay scale.

The framework provides a lot of modules that make it easy to design complex page structures & layouts. So, You should also learn web designing frameworks to grow at an advanced level in the web designing field.

12. Join a Web Designing Company

A web designing company provides an environment to improve designing skills up to an advanced level. Therefore you should join a web designing company after doing a web designing course.